Are you an Association Guru?

Associations and non-profits are unique. Association execs want to work with people who “get” the industry. They need experts who understand a variety of membership models, AMS systems, credentials, accreditation, and a whole host of variables that exist within members, donors, volunteers, chapters, and leadership.  Let’s face it – a lot of associations out there may be able to provide varying levels of internal experience on some of these – but not all. 

That’s why when staff is stretched thin and desperately need special expertise for an initiative, they need you. An Association Guru.

You’re highly experienced and specialized in one or more of the areas that these associations need. Let’s put that experience right out front where they can see it in their time of need.

What can you expect from Association Guru?

There’s a lot of information you can include in your listing. Using industry-specific categories and tags, we highlight your area of expertise and your experience. Whether you’re a full-service consultant focused on strategic planning or a report writer with expertise only in one specific AMS tool, Association Gurus allows you to share your specific niche of experience within the industry. 

What do we do with that info? We promote our gurus to association executives who are looking for contract or consulting help because we are the premier resource for experienced professionals within the association space. We solicit reviews from association clients by providing the tools you need to encourage clients to submit them. For those gurus who do outstanding work, a review of your performance could be featured on one of our social media posts, blog, white paper, or webinar.