If you work in the association and non-profit arena, then Association Gurus is where you need to be.
You’ll find we take in all kinds of Gurus: 

Consulting Firms: This is a team of gurus available for contracting on a project or an hourly basis. These firms provide expert advice or specialty services.

Full-time Freelancer: Here’s a guru not interested working as a traditional full-time employee for any one organization. They enjoy the flexibility to set their own schedule and workload, often on a project, as-needed, or hourly rate.

The Second Hustle: One of the most common types of gurus, these maintain a full-time job with no intention to leave that position. What they want is to supplement their income or to expand their experience by working with other organizations.

Semi-Retired: An invaluable guru, these are retired from a full-time career and no longer interested in such work. BUT they are still desirous to stay connected within the industry. They consult on a freelance basis to supplement their income while sharing their expertise.

Between Opportunities: Occasionally spotted in the field, this guru is looking for freelance assignments to bring in income while seeking a more traditional full-time employment gig.