It's reaaaaally simple to submit a review about a guru you worked with on a project. 

First, you'll be asked to select the guru you want to review from the list, or select “Add New Guru” to add a name not in the list. Below is a list of questions that you'll be asked:

The first question you'll be asked is if you recommend this guru with the options of

1) Yes

2) Yes, with reservations

3) No.

Next, you'll be asked to rate the guru on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in each of the following areas:

Professionalism. Was the guru easy to work with on things such as: defining the scope of work; professional and appropriate level of communication during the course of the engagement; invoices/expenses receive in a timely fashion… You get the idea.

Subject Matter Expertise. Did the guru demonstrate competency in the declared area of expertise?

Value. Was the guru’s hourly or project rate (or agreed-upon fee) appropriate for the value of service or expertise that was provided?

After the star ratings, you’ll find 2 disclosure options:

Incentivize. Let folks know if the guru offered an incentive of some value to provide a review. If so, that's cool and totally okay - we just want to let the other site users know. Your review still reflects your personal opinion.

Anonymous. Let us know if you prefer to keep your review anonymous. If so, we will not publish your name or organization with the review. Instead, your primary job role will be displayed. (You can always go back and change this later, if you desire.)

The next step allows you to provide a title for your review and add a narrative of your opinion of the guru. Be as detailed as you can.

The final step asks some general demographic information about you and/or the organization you work for, such as the number of years you've worked in the profession, your primary job function, your organization type, and the staff/budget size at your disposal.